Mr. Grab Bar - Our Story
Safeguarding seniors against falls

Preventing Bathroom Falls - Our Mission


Mr. Grab Bar was created in 1998 by Howard Cohen and Anita Cohen. Howard, a licensed Florida Physical Therapist, grab bar designer, and professional grab bar installation specialist, worked primarily with seniors in the home care setting, a population at high risk for falls. With several years of experience in MIG welding, tube bending, and metal fabrication, Howard understands the importance of quality craft and attention to detail, providing frequent feedback to the fabrication team. With her background in education and public relations, Anita helped transform the company into a well-oiled machine with her tireless commitment to providing the utmost in customer service.

Howard and Anita witnessed how unexpected falls impacted the lives of individuals. They realized that a few simple modifications in the home could easily prevent these events from occurring. Since then, Mr. Grab Bar's primary focus has been the provision and design of grab bars, empowering devices that provide a secure handhold in the bathtub or shower, and enhanced stability while standing or sitting. A bathroom fall can happen to anyone and at any age. Mr. Grab Bar dedicates itself to making communities aware of the need for fall prevention. In 20 years, Mr. Grab Bar has installed over 145,000 grab bars in various communities throughout Florida. It is currently developing a network of independent grab bar installers operating independently in other parts of the country with a focused mission: "Keeping America on its Feet." Mr. Grab Bar is both a grab bar installation company and a reliable supplier of grab bars to installers, homeowners, and facilities throughout the country.

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