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Parkinson's Disease and Bathroom Grab Bars

Grab Bars are an important addition for patients with Parkinson's Disease!

While working as a Homecare Physical Therapist, I found that one of the most effective things that can be done for individuals with Parkinson's Disease or those with with Parkinsonian symptoms is the addition of grab bars in key locations within the home..

Most physicians stress the importance of home safety when addressing the needs of patients with Parkinson's Disease.

Bath Safety for Individuals with Parkinson's Disease is Essential

The symptoms of Parkinson's Disease often include stiffness, slowness of movement, and diminished balance. Unexpected falls and the often debilitating consequences are likely to occur, particularly in slippery areas such as in bathrooms where tiled surfaces are exposed to water. Bath safety for Parkinson's patients should be addressed in terms of both prevention as well as assistance.

The following list of preventative measures can help individuals with Parkinson's reduce somewhat the likelihood of an unexpected fall in the bathroom environment. The measures can also alleviate some of the fear which accompanies an environment which is unsafe and unpredictable such as the typical bathroom.

  1. Install grab bars in places where falls are likely
  2. Use a bath or shower chair to minimize standing time
  3. Place non-slip flooring or safety treads on slippery surfaces to provide traction
  4. Implement a hand held shower to allow individual to adjust water spray from a sitting position when necessary.