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Grab Bar placed at entry way to shower to facilitate safe entry and exit.

Why choose Mr. Grab Bar?

Mr. Grab Bar takes great pride in being a leading source for Moen grab bars and professional grab bar installation services. We are extremely familiar with the entire product range and are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of care and service possible. Mr. Grab Bar works diligently to keep abreast of the latest product developments and modifications. In the past, we had been a frequent source of valuable customer feedback to the product development team with relation to bath safety. Please do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions regarding product enhancements and improvements.

Mr. Grab Bar has been providing grab bar installation service in many counties throughout Florida since 1998. When Mr. Grab Bar began, bathroom safety was not an important consideration for many. We could not understand why so many bathrooms lacked grab bars, when after all these simple and expensive devices could easily empower the user and help to prevent a devastating fall. We created Mr. Grab Bar to address this reality . Twenty years later we have installed over 100,000 grab bars throughout Southwest Florida.

Grab Bars in many sizes, styles and finishes

We provide a wide range of product to both home owners and professional installers throughout the country. We offer quantity discounts to professional installers throughout the country.

Professional grab bar installation services.

Grab Bar installation services available in many counties throughout Florida. We are currently developing a national network of professional installers in many other areas of the country.

Grab Bar installed in shower

Mr Grab Bar is your ultimate source.

Mr. Grab Bar is a nationally registered trademark and well recognized throughout the country. Mr. Grab Bar's primary focus has been the provision of bathroom grab bars - empowering devices which provide a secure hand hold in the bath tub or shower, and offer individuals of all ages enhanced stability and function when seated or standing. Grab Bars in many finishes and sizes are almost always in stock at Mr. Grab Bar - This is what we are known for throughout the country.

We warmly invite you to shop the inside of our virtual warehouse. Mr. Grab Bar is the source that many grab bar installation specialists turn to for product and support.

Grab Bar Installation Services throughout Florida
Designer Grab Bar mounted on shower wall.

We are Florida's Grab Bar Installation Specialists.

Our caring and professional team of experienced installers are on call, ready to provide you with with the quick and reliable service you need to make your home a safer place. Our installers are each based within the counties they service, and strive to provide service to you usually within a few days after we receive your initial grab bar installation request. 

We believe in a Safer You. Let us make your home or workplace a safer place

We believe in a Safer You.

If you have waited until you need grab bars, you probably have waited too long. The old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is probably an understatement in this case. The financial and emotional toll associated with an unexpected fall can be quite high and far outweighs the relatively small investment required to make the home a safer place. The time to keep you and your loved ones safe is now, not after a fall occurs. The installation of grab bars is a quick and easy process where as an unexpected fall can be the start of a long and arduous journey. We sincerely encourage you ever so strongly to contact us today and make your home a safer place. We believe in a safer you! 

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