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San Antonio Grab Bar Installation
Grab Bar Installation in San Antonio Texas, Houston, San Angelo, Waco and the McAllen area.
Jose Hernandez - President of Rehab Engineering, Inc. Grab Bar Installation services throughout South Texas


Grab Bar Installation San Antonio, Texas - Rehab Engineering, inc.

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Affordable grab bar installation South Texas ( Advertisement - This is an independent company with no affiliation to Mr. Grab Bar, inc.)

San Antonio Grab Bar Installation - REHAB ENGINEERING INC.

Hello - I'm Jose Hernandez, PE, owner of Rehab Engineering Inc. - located in San Antonio, Texas. I am a licensed professional and insured. We have been installing grab bars in homes of all types for over 10 years. We have worked closely with the Veteran's Administration and the Texas Depart of Assistive Rehab Services since 2001.

In a nutshell, our company brings technology to the disabled community. Often, people start talking about computers and wireless gadgets of all sorts. However grab bars, exterior hand rails and ramps, by far, have increased the overall independence of our customers. being able to safely get around your home or be independent in the bathroom is A BIG DEAL ! 

Give us a call. We serve a large area in Texas as far east as Houston, west to San Angelo, north to Waco and south in the McAllen area.

 Jose E. Hernandez, P.E.

Ph. 210 744-3874