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Shower Grab Bars | Bathroom Grab Bars

Grab bars in every style and finish for both residential and commercial applications are in stock and ready to ship! The addition of these devices in the tub, by the toilet, and in transitional locations will enhance safety and assist individuals of all ages and abilities. We offer grab bars in a multitude of sizes and finishes.

We strive to maintain a readily available level of the product whenever possible so that installers, contractors, and homeowners will have their choice of attractive, precision fabricated, and installer-friendly ADA compliant grab bars on hand when tackling their project. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by the vast array of products that we offer and the high level of customer service and support that they receive.

Thank you for choosing Mr. Grab Bar as your ultimate source for bathroom safety. Our ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant bathroom safety bars are all fabricated from 304 stainless steel and are available in the most popular finishes. We are incredibly confident in the design of these products and proud to offer these shower bars to our customers. We have designed our bath safety products with the collaborative input of Physical and Occupational Therapists, Metal Fabricators, and Grab Bar Installation Professionals. We now offer our range of shower grab bars that are attractive, meticulously constructed and finished, highly functional, and installer-friendly. We have also recently introduced a stunning range of designer grab rails that function as both towel bars or bath safety bars.

What are grab bars?

Often referred to as grab rails, bathroom safety bars, shower bars, or bath safety bars, these often overlooked products are empowering devices that provide elements of safety, reassurance, and assistance to individuals in many different situations. There are many more descriptive names for these products, but the function of these devices is essentially the same. They can be handy in areas of increased fall risk such as slippery surfaces, wet or soapy conditions, and low visibility. They are essential in situations where an individual demonstrates diminished strength, balance, motor control, or visual acuity, is having difficulty functioning in what would be a low fall risk setting for most people.

Who can use safety bars?

These devices are of tremendous benefit to our elderly populations and individuals with disabilities, limited mobility, or medical conditions. Still, they can also play an essential role in providing an element of safety to younger adults and even children when conditions may put them at increased risk for a fall. Caregivers can also often depend upon a bathroom safety rail when assisting a patient while he or she is bathing in the shower. Grab rails are typically seen in handicap-accessible areas, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and various medical facilities, but are now increasingly appearing in the home environment.

Location and Placement:

The most common location for safety bars is in the bathroom environment to facilitate entry and exit into the shower or bathtub, enhance safety within the bathing area, and provide assistance next to the toilet. There are are many other commonly used locations for handrails throughout the home, providing both safety and enabling individuals of all ages and abilities.

Why choose Mr. Grab Bar?

We know what works and what does not in terms of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and ease of installation. Mr. Grab Bar has years of experience with shower bars from a large variety of manufacturers. We have diligently worked to incorporate all the features in a grab bar that we believe are important, and eliminated the ones that were a source of frustration from both installers and users. We have worked diligently hard to create an expanding range of products that are attractive, extremely functional, and installer-friendly.

The above image illustrates the detail of the attractive Eurogrip Finish that we offer as a finish option in various colors to a number of our products. This very durable powder coating adds beauty, durability, and slip resistant functionality to our bathroom safety bars.

This next image illustrates our easy to install 9 hole flange with Silicone Seal Technology TM to improve waterproofing at the substrate to flange connection points. The flange design offers just enough flex to help prevent the undue stress applied to the delicate tile that is often the case when heavier gauge or even cast flanges are used. These important features make our grab bars extremely installer friendly, greatly reducing the risk of cracked tile and facilitating the waterproofing process.

This image depicts our Brushed Nickel wUndergrip Grab Bar seen above, after the screw concealing flange covers have been applied. Our flange covers, which are soon to be offered in a variety of styles, snap on easily and firmly to quickly create a finished look to the installation.

We also offer Moen Grab Bars and provide reference to many Moen Bath Accessories.